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Shanghai First Electrical Group Co., Ltd.

Switchgear,Transformer,Cold storage room,substation,cold store,walk in cooler,walk in freezer,condensing unit,evaporator,condenser,line fitting,ice machine,circuit breaker,ice maker,cold room  

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Shanghai First Electrical Group Co., Ltd. (also known as CHFE Works) is a diversified manufacturer of electrical & refrigeration equipment and components.With a broad range of products, CHFE Works is uniquely positioned for several long-term growth trends, including current China's infrastructure build-out, improvements to enhance the reliability and productivity of the electric grid, the increasing demands for highly energy-efficient products and the needs for electrical safety improvement.HistoryCHFE Works was founded in 1979 as a state-owned enterprise and was reformed to a joint-stock Group in 1994, with facilities of CHFE Power System Inc., CHFE Transformer Inc., CHFE Circuit Breaker Inc., CHFE line Fitting Inc., CHFE Ice machine Inc. and CHFE Refrigeration Inc. By holding and continually importing many sets of CNC machines, such as Murata Turret Punch Presses, Laser Punch Combination Machines introduced from Japan, Reis Welding Robots from France, Laser cutting machines f... [Detail]